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DJ Cinderella Knows Cat is Not Dog

September 29, 2020

Skipper & Ray review DJ Cinderella (2019), who uses a bike rather than magicked animals to travel to her prince. The Brazilian Netflix movie is based on a novel by Paula Pimenta. Cinderella Maisa Silva, Marley Estrada, Prince Filipe Bragança, Matt Anspach, Auntie Elisa Pinheiro, Step mom Fernanda Paes Leme, Rebecca Davis; Bruno Garotti, Anita Barbosa.


Voiced and produced by Ray Allyn, music by The DōsMan, add’l sounds from 

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Film reviews from the cat’s perspective for cat-lovers & cinephiles alike! Kitty cat Skipper and human lady Ray discuss cat representation in film – the felineness of the cats, the humaneness of the humans, and what that reveals about the people on screen and behind the scenes.